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美国哥伦⽐亚⼤学(Columbia University)法学院
       法律博⼠(Juris Doctor, J.D.) 1981
美国威廉姆斯学院(Williams College)
       ⽂学⼠(Bachelor of Arts, B.A.) 1978


美国凯斯西储⼤学(Case Western Reserve University)法学院
       院长;Joseph Hostetler –Baker & Hostetler 法学教授 2011 年⾄今

美国乔治华盛顿⼤学(George Washington University)法学院
        Theodore Rinehart 商法学教授 2006 年⾄今
        John Theodore Fey Research 法学教授 1995 - 2006
        法学教授 1993 - 1995
        法学副教授 1991 - 1993

        兼职教师(2010 年聘任);北京⼤学⾦融经济法项目顾问

乔治城⼤学(Georgetown University)法律中⼼
       客座法学教授 1999 年春

奥尔巴尼法学院(Albany Law School of Union University)
       副教授 1990 - 1991
       助理教授 1987 - 1990

Paul,Weiss, Rifkind,Wharton & Garrison 律所(纽约)
       担任律师 1985.4 – 1987.6

O’sullivan Graev Karabell &Gross 律所(纽约)
       担任律师 1983.8 – 1985.3

White &Case 律所(纽约)
      担任律师 1981.8 – 1983.7


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案例教科书 (公司⾦融法领域)
Cases and Materials on Corporations (with Dalia Tsuk Mitchell) (Carolina Academic Press; 2006)
Corporate Finance and Governance: Cases, Materials and Problems for an Advanced Course in Corporations (four editions)
Cases and Materials on Corporations: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Carolina Academic Press; 2004) (with Michael Diamond)


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